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Audio Engineer in Vancouver, BC

Hey love the site!I’m a freelance audio engineer and stay-at-home dad from Vancouver BC. This is what I’ve been carrying lately.
The adapter and vintage lens add a lot of bulk and weight but the image quality makes it worth it for me. The EPL5 was never pocket size anyway.
The cheap iPhone case and clear screen protector have saved me phone countless times. I see no point in spending more than $12 for a case.
I met Steven from Hand and Sew at the Vancouver MiniMakerFaire last summer and asked him about making me a black key loop. He made it for me overnight. While the product is not particularly special, I was really impressed by the service.
The One Ton knife is a little wide and long but it feels good in the hand and very sturdy. It is fairly thin and the deep pocket clip makes me almost forget I have it with me. The biggest knife I’d want to carry.
I’ve had the Tinymeat wallet since 2009.
If I’m working outside of my home studio I’ll have things like guitar picks, pens, a drum tuning key and earplugs with me.

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