My Everyday Carry

Youtube Management in Brétignolles Sur Mer, France

After more than 10 years of over stressed life in Paris, I choosed this Internet way of living, with my wife and kids. We enjoy the sea and the healthy and natural environment. I’m working from home, near the beach. I like few items and to stay light, but these are the ones I always carry with me:
Stainless steel Lotus Chronograph - Water resistant. I like it for being casual and chic. My best friends present when I turend 40.Blackberry Curve: I like not to be too much connected as I spend my days on my computerMontblanc fountain pen: I like the feeling and elegance of this penRayban sunglasses: light and niceLeather wallet Longchamp: I keep all my cards and kids pics in it. I don’t like to carry penniesDeejo stainless steel blade: Love the elegance of this sharp knife. I use it to open my letters and for cutting meals. I come from an area (South west of France) where you become a man when you have your own knifeFrench passeport: I travel quite a lot. I love to go to the US where you have so much entrepreneurshipChicles: I like to have these when workingCerruti leather wrist: This one is a gift from my wife

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