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1000 Posts, 1000 Followers, 1000 Thanks

Editor’s Note: Here it is, my 1000th post! I really just want to say thank you to all of my readers for helping EDC become what it is now. What started a long time ago as a personal “mood board” of sorts has now grown into a diverse collection of predominately user-submitted pocket dumps, questions and discussions. I truly appreciate the feedback, the comments and the overwhelming support. While haters gonna hate some of the time, it only helps the site improve. I feel that EDC has shifted from “dehumanized” product-shot type content into more intimate, personal pocket dumps. Seeing that more people are interested in one of my favorite hobbies and that the world is a more prepared place really makes this all worthwhile.

If you’re like me and you enjoy what EDC is doing these days, please take a second to recommend the blog to the tech directory so others can see what they’ve been missing! ;)

Thanks and carry on,


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