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Product Manager in Cupertino, CA

Maratac Large Pilot Automatic Watch w/ NATO strap - from their first 2011 run.  Myota Citizen Automatic movement. Keeps great time. I bang it on stuff all the time and the face is scratch free. Nylon strap also by Maratac.
Keys on Munroe Design Titanium Mega Dangler - key minimalist, just cary house and car key.
Burt’s Bees Lip balm - love this stuff!
Fisher Chrome Space Pen w/ Clip -  an EDC standard,  Love this little guy!
Maratac AAA Stainless steel LED flashlight - added a heat sink tube so I can hold it in my teeth.  med-low-high  settings. I own dog and at night, I hold her leash in one hand, hold the flashlight in my teeth, and “scoop” with my other hand. I’m a good neighbor.
Kershaw Leek knife - such a great knife for the price.  Keeps its edge very well!
Apple EarPods w/ EarSkinz EarPod Covers in Daiso Change Purse - I’m one of those weirdos who actually likes Apple earbuds and EarPods, but the EarPods fits me a little loosely, so I got the EarSkinz and they are really nice.  The Daiso case is $1.50 at Daiso “YEN” stores.  If you see something there that you like, buy a bunch of it because it may not ever be back
All-Ett Classic Leather Men’s Wallet -  this one is from 2009. Still going strong!
Mato & Hash (TOMAHASH Style # CA2650) Rip-Stop Nylon Grocery bag - I live in NorCal, where many retail stores charge for bags due to local ordnance.  I like the idea of saving paper and plastic, so, I’m on board.  I use this  every day to carry lunch, groceries, clothes purchases.  Got it on eBay for $5.  It came with an outer stuff sack, which  is okay, but I tossed it and folded mine and ironed it flat, so I just fold it like a road-map and carry it in my back pocket with my wallet.
iPhone 5s w/ Case Crown Lux Glider case - err. prefer the 4/4s shape/size, but the 5s is technologically better for an app I’m working on, TiVaMo!

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