My Everyday Carry

Consultant in Bogota, Columbia

I’m a IBM server and storage systems consultor living in Bogotá, DC, Colombia. I do jobs in all Colombia, Ecuador and Panamá.
About my everyday carry:
Apple Macbook Air: I bought a BTO 2013 MBA with upgraded CPU, RAM, and SSD storage. It’s the best computer for me for the price and weight (I work full time with UNIX systems, then OS X is the best tool for me).
Maratac watch: I own nearly a dozen of wrist watches, but this watch is the most used, it’s relatively non-expensive for an auto, sapphire, water resistant, without bling and extraneous marks and symbols big watch. I change straps twice a week I guess, then I can keep using it.
Montblanc fountain pen: I like to handwrite, and I really don’t like to use ball pens, then, being short and retractable, that pen is the best for me. I’ve broken and lost two of them, and I keep buying it.
Moleskine: Small, good paper, I really use it. I take photos of the pages and store them in Evernote. I have a premium subscription for that.
FireTi wallet: I like gray metal things, that wallet protects my cards and it is REALLY strong.
Gerber multi-tool: It’s practical, and I can pass the metal detectors in airports if I put my keys in the tray when passing thru.
Keyholder: it’s extensible/reductible. I’ve bought some of these, then I have many rings to put more thing if I wanted to.
Ducati Motorcycle: I live in a city with really really ugly traffic, then that bike is the best!
Hearing protection: I’ll want to hear my preferred music when old and retired :)
Money clip: I told you, I like gray/silver metal things.
iPhone 4S: it’s a little old, a little slow, but’s it’s really functional, well built, and it’s jailbroken. I changed the back glass panel for a transparent one from iFixIt. I’ll keep using until Apple launches iPhone X and I analyze if it’ll be the best for me. In the Monoprice leather pouch i’ll live forever.
Thanks for the Blog, it’s AWESOME.

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