My Everyday Carry

Marketing Manager in Minneapolis, MN

Wallet- Swiss Gear money clip. I hate a fat wallet, this money clip still lets me carry multiple credit cards, ID, business cards and cash with a slim profile. 
Phone- iPhone 5c with Magpul Field Case. I tend to drop my phone on occasion. I keep my phone in my pocket so I need a great phone case that protects it yet allows me to carry it with a small profile. Not only does this case allow me to do that but it also shows off one of my favorite brands. 
Ipad 3 with Snugg digital camo leather case
Keyring- Love having a nice, effective bottle opener on my keys. Magic Hat Brewing Company
550 Parachute Cord Survival Bracelet- Never know when you might need one…
Citzen Eco Drive Titanium Watch- Light, stylish and doesn’t need a battery. Love it!
Real Avid TAC-EDC Knife- This is my go-to brand when it comes to hunting and shooting gear. I am so glad they came out with something I can carry with me every day. The 440 tanto blade comes in use for any job I encounter day to day. A pocket clip that doesn’t loosen up! I wear jeans a lot, I haven’t had very many knives that hold up through the thick material I usually wear.

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