My Everyday Carry

Industrial Designer from Ankara, Turkey

I am an Industrial Design Team Leader working for a large defense industry firm in Ankara, Turkey.
This is what I usually carry:
Secrid Mini Wallet: A well built aluminum and vintage brown leather wallet. It is the most practical front pocket wallet I have owned. The aluminum card protector offers space for 6 cards. There is a small lever at the bottom of the card protector, if pulled, it raises all cards up in ascending order. There are also other compartments for IDs, business cards and paper money.
Fisher Bullet Space Pen: I can take notes in any angle ı want. Very versatile and very handy pen.
Sog Twitch 2: Assisted folding knife. Very well built. Small, lightweight and easy to carry. I carry it everyday in rotation with my Victorinox Cadet. 
Apple iPhone 4s 64 Gb: I am a mac person. I own a 13” macbook pro, an iPad 3 32 Gb, Apple TV, and an old iPod with 20 Gb Hdd. In my iPhone 4s, I carry many ebooks, songs, movies, Pdf files, presentations and word documents. I take lot of pictures. After using 16 Gb version for a year, I ended up trading my 16 Gb with a 64 Gb. I am happy with it so far. Very reliable and stylish phone to carry.
Seiko Chronograph 7T32-7G20: I love Seiko watches. I own more than a dozen watches. I wear them depending on my daily outfit. This one is my first real wrist watch. It is very special for me. I bought it in 1999 with my first big salary. It features an alarm, chrono, time, and date functions. It is also waterproof to 10 atm (100 m)
Rayban Caravan 3136: These shades are timeless. You cannot go wrong with it. Very stylish, very well built. It almost goes with any outfit. I get many compliments on them. 
House keys and LaCie 8 Gb USB Flash Drive: This is USB drive which I carry the most. Very lightweight, metal construction, key shaped design, water and scratch resistant. I keep it with my house keys..It comes very handy.
My car key: It is a 2007 Alfa Romeo GT Q2, a 2 door coupe with 1.9 liter diesel engine. It comes with the Q2 system, Alfa’s highly developed and efficient Limited-Slip Differential technology, for improved cornering. I love the way it looks. It is sporty, aggressive and yet very economical. It can deliver a range of around 970 km (600 miles) per tank at motorway speeds.

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