My Everyday Carry

Military in Northern Virginia

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after 9 years in the US military it’s that hydration is key.  Nathan water bottle is my security blanket, it keeps me hydrated and keeps my fidgety hands occupied.  The Spirit of St. Louis watch and two Saddleback leather wallets keep on time and organized.  This green papermate clickster 0.5mm mechanical pencil has been with me for the entirety of my military career.  I’ve gone through countless erasers and it’s been around the world at least twice.  I’ve put myself in some precarious situations to retrieve it from harms way, it’s undoubtedly the EDC item with most sentimental value.  Extra fine point (0.38mm) Pilot G-2 is hard to find but worth it if you prefer to write small.  The pickpocket suspension clip and dollar store carabiner helps reduce the bulk in my pockets.  I mostly avoid carrying knifes and flashlights because of the bulk and weigh but this combo is very light, the knife (as you might have guessed) weighs only 34 grams.  And of course a cell phone, probably the least interesting thing I carry.

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