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College Student in North Carolina

I try to find a balance between aesthetics and function, but I don’t compromise on quality.  I’m not a big fan of all the new, fancy gadgets, so I tend to stick with proven, traditional gear.  The Zippo was a gift from a friend.  Although it has to be refilled every week or so, I love how it’s windproof and can be used like a candle.  After testing out several EDC knives all throughout high school, I have settled on the Case peanut with CV blades as the perfect EDC knife for me.  It is small enough to sit deep in my watch pocket and remain unnoticed until needed.  I have carried one every day as my only knife for the past three years and have never run into a cutting task it cannot handle.  I carry the bandana in my back left pocket and it comes in handy for all sorts of things, from cleaning up spills to wiping off sweat.  My wallet is a custom bifold handmade by Faler Brand in Ohio.  It is much tougher and better looking than anything in stores and will last a lifetime.  I carry my keys on my belt loop with the Corter Bottlehook.  It holds them securely plus doubles as a very sturdy bottle opener.  On my keys, I carry an iTP AAA flashlight, a Craftsman 4-way keychain screwdriver, and a P-38 can opener.  The flashlight has 3 brightness settings and is very bright, and the stainless steel keeps it looking good even after banging around on my keychain for years.  Both the keychain screwdriver and P-38 come in handy for various prying and scraping jobs in addition to their intended uses.  Lastly, I wear a 1969 Rolex 5513 Submariner on a nylon strap.  Its good looking and still tough as nails, even decades after it left the factory.

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