My Everyday Carry

Student in Tijuana, MX

Composition Book 4.5 in x 3.25 in: to take field notes and write ideas.Dixon #2 Pencil: if I want to draw something or if my pen fails.Mini Pen: This is just a little pen that came with a journal and i use because is a very tiny pen. It can fit easily almost everywhere.Maxwell 4GB USB Memory Stick: If i need to save a work in school or something like that, don’t use it very much.Keys: My house keys, i try not to carry what i’m not gonna use because sometimes i go to the gym.Victorinox Classic LE 2012 Electro: Love-my little keyring knife, i don’t like to call much the attention so this knife is fine with me. I use it to sharpen my pencil and all that stuff.Nokia Headphones-: They came with the cellphone.Nokia Asha n501: This is a pretty cheap backup phone, Maximum standby time: 48 days.Carmex: I always have dry lips, so i need this.US Quater 1984: An old quarter i like to carry for good luck.Ten Mexican Pesos Coin: Change for the busAeropostale Card Holder: My card organizer, i keep my school card, cash and a picture of my girl.

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