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Editor’s Note: I haven’t done one of these in a while, but I figured since you guys share so many great EDCs with me, it’s only fair that I show you mine! I wear many hats here at Everyday Carry — I post all the content on the site and social media accounts, I answer emails, review products, shoot photos, do some graphic design work, some business stuff, and so on, so my job doesn’t necessarily demand a lot of tools. But that isn’t to say that I don’t love EDC gear! I keep a pen handy to help plan my day at work and record ideas when they strike if I’m out of the office. I use my phone to check Twitter and update our Instagram. The Pry/Open tool is one of my favorite one-piece tools, but I carry this one mainly because it’s so thin, light, and functional. The money clip is in rotation for an upcoming review, but I’ve used similar clips from them for years and they work great for a minimalist carry. My dad handed down the Datejust once I started blogging full time, so I use it daily as my dad intended. The Bottlehook is a favorite keychain of mine, both for carrying keys and opening bottles — not many tools have the same grip/purchase and leverage that the Bottlehook provides. Lastly, my trusty duo of the Eagletac and Spyderco are what I found to be the most compact yet high performing, relatively affordable titanium EDCs around. Thanks for looking!

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