My Everyday Carry

Letterpress Printer in Baltimore, Maryland
These are the items that can be found in my pockets on a daily basis.  Whether it’s running a business card, wedding invitation or notebook covers each tool is used frequently. The pica pole (ruler to most) is vital checking consistency and centering.  Of course, the pocket ledger is where I’ll note anything from print quantities to pricing, even to writing a list for groceries.  The glassine tape is used to help even out impression in the make-ready process.  Additionally, The steel furniture, brass spacing, suckers and quoin key are all used to make-ready as well.  This particular 17mm/14mm wrench is used more than any other wrench in the pressroom.  Using a Heidelberg Windmill, a majority of adjustments will be made with this little guy.  Last but certainly not least is the journal.  This is where the important stuff goes.  Contained inside are ink recipes, estimates for a projects and important contact information.  Needless to say, this thing goes everywhere with me.

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