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submitted by Rahul Ganguly

After going through this site manifold and getting a bag-dump photo featured here, I was tinkering with the idea of building up a compact ‘urban emergency kit’ of sorts, which is why the fishing line and hook is excluded. The project was made on a slim cigar tin, so that it can be tossed in the backpack on an EDC basis. All items were salvaged from my cupboard and medicine cabinet. Stuffing the slim Dutch cigar tin proved to be the biggest challenge, but it’s ready and I thought EDC enthusiasts could have a dekko at it. 

The kit explained with more photos here

Thanks EDC for providing the inspiration for this kit!

Editor’s Note: Nice job! I’ve seen the standard Altoid tin to be a popular host for mini survival kits, but it looks like you’ve stuffed this cigar tin very efficiently. Stay prepared~

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