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I'm not an expert, but I have several Small Spyderco Knives. You are not showing a Dragonfly in your picture. That is either the Ladybug or Manbug. They look nearly identical. I have all three. Based on the handle size, I think it is the Ladybug. I'm not knocking your knife nor calling you out. I like the Ladybug so much, I have 7 of them in various colors. It is the best performing knife at that size. It fits in the watch pocket of my jeans with perfection!

I am also a big fan of the Dragonfly. It is often my EDC.

I rarely use the Manbug. The extra 10% size, although minimal, doesn't provide any useful value over the equally useful Ladybug. I'm actually looking to sell my one Manbug, fwiw.
I've carried the Dragonfly 2 as a backup knife for 4 months now. It's an excellent knife and I'm using it even more than my primary carry knife.
I have thick hair as you can see in my pic, how does king brown compare to American crew pomade? I've used it for years. Used to use Murray's but I got tired of how thick it always feels and how it looks caked if u don't have water to touch it up. The American crew with medium shine works perfectly for me.
mate, i recommend trying their original pomade over the premium, but there are plenty of different pomades out there for you to try and it all boils down to what suits you the best and whats the most convenient for you