My International Travel Essentials

New York, New York
With these items on hand, travel abroad--especially spontaneous travel--is a lot more seamless. Having my passport and travel documents protected and at the ready makes going through the airport a little bit less of a hassle; my TSA lock allows the TSA safe and non-destructive access to my luggage should they need to conduct a security search; my Swiss Rotary Reversible watch contains two separate timepieces so that each one can be set to a different time zone; my Flight 001 molded eye mask adds privacy and comfort when catching Z's on longer flights; my Tumi grounded electric adaptor is ready to plug in just about anywhere once I land; their matching travel mouse is ergonomic and blue-tooth-powered making working on-the-go less cumbersome; and my Tumi utility pack safely stores my personal items and even toiletries, like these pictured from C.O. Bigelow, for when I want to bring a little bit of the luxury of being at home with me.

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