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Teacher (age 37)
Sacramento, California
Mostly just the basics. I'm very much enjoying items that wear and show age as I carry them; patina on carbon steel, brass, and leather, folds and bends in my notebook covers.

The coin was my grandfather's, and after his death 20 years ago, my grandmother's. She passed 2 months ago, and I've been carrying it since. My grandfather had this coin because it was minted in 1922, the year my grandmother was born.

The moustache comb will probably be a short lived carry, just for no-shave November.

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How do you like the pen? I'm thinking of getting one.
I love it. I will say though, that if you're going to clip it in your pocket, get some thread locker and secure the plunger. I lost one and had to get another one from the company. Other than that though, amazing pen. I get a lot of compliments on it.