My EveryDay Carry

This is truly my Everyday carry items, it wasn't an overnight thing over the years as ive developed skills and got more and more training ive just started carrying more and more. There are multiple/redundant items such as knives and lights because i live by a rule, "One is none, Two is one" if one light goes out i have another. same with knives the Spyderco Kiwi is for opening boxes and such same with the delica, the Emerson CQC is for people and never gets used to maintain the razor edge. I carry a Smart phone but i still like to write down my appointments in my pocket calinder, for me it takes to long for me to put it in my phone im lazy

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the Spyderco Kiwi is in the left front pocket, Emerson CQC is in the right front pocket, kershaw leekis in the left boot, the spyderco delica is in the back left pocket, The RAT 3 in on the right hip by the gun. I only wear the condor stealth operator pants and its amazing how much gear and shit you can carry in those pants
Where and how do you carry all six of these knives daily? I see you mentioned where on a few of them.