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New York, New York
Growing up in New York City, I learned that the key to thriving here is to get away often. My style is shorter, frequent trips beyond city bounds to the many surrounding areas that offer the sweet respite that only Mother Nature can. Of course, I love the tactical aspect of out-of-doors living. Seen here are some of my favorite camping essentials (though I seem to have misplaced my quick-drying MSR Original Packtowl...!), including the hatchet I picked up in a small wooded town in Northern Sweden.

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I like your style, Ashley. The small hatchet is so useful and fits in the rucker with ease. Quality. I chose the Hultafors Classic http://www.hultafors.co.uk/products/cutting/axes/trekking-axes/trekking-axe-mini-classic/ which has a rounded cutting edge useful for carving spoons etc should you lose your precious titanium item. Love the Juice CS4 too. I never go anywhere without it. Your shot glass set is a delightful addition. MIne have numbers on the base, I believe for random shooting positions. I'd use them to determine photographic viewpoints :)
Ah, thanks for all the great comments and info! Excited to check out the Hultafors :-)
I love the dimensions of it, the handle shape, and the edge on the blade...just might have to pick one of these up for myself :-D
Thanks for your comments Ashley. It's a bit spooky when you see someone's EDC and it's virtually identical to your own. Must be similar needs & brainwaves, methinks ;) I also used to carry a mini maglite but it fell between rafters in my attic and is interred there, bless. So I replaced it with a Thrunite T10, which is much more than a flashlight. Scroll down here to find my White Knight review http://amzn.to/1Tag9A9
The mug is great for hot tea
It's really versatile, good for liquids and hot food as well! I have a steel bowl and plate, but prefer this one piece for its efficiency :-)
I love the watch. Much better built than a weekender.
I have two different Timex weekenders but I'm really liking that j crew colab version.
I love it, too; unfortunately I don't think that model's available anymore (I got it almost six years ago) :-)
Do you sort of baby it? It looks in great shape for its age. The main thing I dislike about the weekenders I have is the high polish finish on the case.