Tooligan EDC Copper Edition

Orange County CA
Another version of my every day carry with a some added door knocking and "just in case" items paired with my favorite copper pieces and an early Kickstarter wallet release to test out.

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Loving that tin! What kind of things do you keep in it? Do you carry it on your person?
I carry it most days..if not on me then in a pack. It has eye drops, a microfiber cloth, 2 spare AAA's, a coffee stopper cut to toothpick size, some pain killers and chapstick. My second Altoids contains more "survival" basics...but that's always in the pack.
Love the copper. Wonder how much it would be to have a leatherman done in copper. Like the wave for example.
Or if anyone even does that.
I've not seen a Leatherman in copper...it is a soft metal relative to most tool steel and stainless so not sure the pliers would hold up. Maybe a few of the components and tools within would last though, great idea!
Maybe a copper toned alox like the scales on the victorinox alox cadet
Wrangler & Leatherman did a collab on a copper wingman. There is also a guy that sells copper modded leathermans on eBay every once in a while... http://forum.multitool.org/index.php?topic=59137.0
and here http://www.thenomadicgent.com/wrangler-x-leatherman/
Thanks for the link! I'll keep an eye out