December pocket dump

I try to keep it minimalistic and functional. I made the kydex holster myself and my S20 Baton fits as well. The wallet is still new to me but so far i love it. Hoping to upgrade the watch in the future. My iPhone6 is missing in the picture. Stay frosty gents!
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The watch is identified incorrectly. It's a Seiko SNN231P2 Chronograph. Here's the link on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003UBHXG0?keywords=Seiko+Chronograph+100M+Sport&%3Bqid=1452801571&%3Bref_=sr_1_11&%3Bsr=8-11&tag=bg999-20
Awesome! Thanks! You know what band that happens to be? Thanks in advance!
i like your kydex sheath!!!
Who makes and where can I get that key ring?!
what watch is that? can't find it, link doesn't work...
What is the kydex holster for the olight?
Two flashlights (plus the iPhone's LED)? Do you often have a need for multiple flashlights?
Never use the iPhone for light. The key-mate is always there no matter what. The olight's come and go. Like white light, not very often we get to use it at work. Mostly NVG:s