What I carry on when I'm not shooting

Brooklyn, NY
My day to day EDC without some of my shoot/event specific load out. I like pens and try to write as much down as I can to work on my handwriting and I've come to realize my haptic memory is stronger than my visual memory for to-do/goal lists - love me some Karas Kustoms pens. I bounce between Boston and NYC, so seperate keychains for both, each with a knife and various keychain tools so I'm not swapping over every time I go between my two places. I always try to carry a small camera with me (mainly because I'm the worst at bringing my DSLR's out when I'm not on a job) - an Instax Mini 90 will swap out with my X100S if I know it will be more of a social occasion. (I do apologize for the quality of the picture - shot it with my iPad when I realized that all my usual camera suspects were in the shot and didn't feel like breaking out my work cameras that are packed for a job tomorrow)

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