Shades of Grey

Atlanta, GA
This is my latest go-to setup. I tend to gravitate towards the silver, grey and black colors but have to add a punch of green and some wood for the landscape architect in me. I just added the Positron, I was looking for a lightweight and easy to carry knive, so far I've been pleased. The watches tend to rotate, but I've been stuck on my Seiko SARX027 for a while now, it goes with just about anything. Rubberbands to roll up plans, field notes to jot down changes..in the field, Bellroy wallet to keep it slim and comfortable, tungsten wedding ring because it can't get scratched and isn't expensive to replace (skinny fingers). Polorazied Glasses because I'm outside most of the time.

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Thanks, I really like it so far. Nice and light and the wire clip is awesome
Say, that's a nice knife...