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My EDC comes from a years of finding myself in unprepared situations. I like to keep everything on me but it comes at the cost of pocket space, I have taken measures to minimise this cost. I started with the Secrid wallet, it's compact size has saved so much space in my pocket. The 2 foot, retractable keyring has a clasp so I can hook it to my belt loop. I keep the small items that would normally be lost at the bottom of my pockets on the keyring, easy to access when I need them. The flash drive has a size 1 Nite-Ize for easy removal. My car key is kept on another belt loop with a size 2 Nite-Ize, again for easy access and removal.

I keep a Mu plug on me. If you aren't from the UK then let me tell you, UK plugs are huge and bulky. A foreign student who came to the UK was shocked at the size and decided to make a compact, foldable alternative; perfect for EDC. The AmazonBasics Lightning to USB auto retracts into a neat case, when you have a lot in your pocket, the last thing you need is a cable tangled around everything. I keep my EarPods wrapped around a Bobino cord wrap for this reason too.

I have clips in my Leatherman sheath, Thrunite T10S and Fisher Space Pen and keep them hooked on my pocket for easy grabbing. Leatherman Juice CS4 is a perfect tool for a UK EDC, Britain has strict knife laws so no locking and no blade over 3 and a half inches. The Thrunite is an excellent torch and has helped me out many times. The Fisher is a new addition. I used to keep a True Utility keyring pen but its ink ran out too quickly. So far the Fisher seems perfect.

The iPod Nano also has a clip and it fits nicely in the fifth pocket.

Being a sufferer of severe migraines, I keep a pill box on me with strong co-codomol tablets. Georg Jensen has made a nice, discreet box that is slim but roomy.

The Casio GW-M5610-1ER is the perfect watch. Classic 80's design makes it stand out, it illuminates, is shock/water resistant, has alarms, a stopwatch, has low power consumption and is solar powered. Who needs a smart watch?

I chose Oakley glasses because of their reputation for being able to take a beating. I have to where them everyday so I want them to last.

I keep a Friendly Swede paracord braclet on my wrist but I forgot to add it to the pile. It's there for emergencies, as is the whistle.

The pins are for charities/causes I donate to.

The necklace is my father's and is the most important item in my EDC.

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That Mu folding charger is a really cool innovation, but looks expensive. I've been hunting around for a pocketably compact folding system to charge my cell phone, but it seems like the market still needs to innovate more on that front.
It depends on which one you buy. The Mu Classic is £15 and is the equivalent of the small iPhone chargers. £15 is expensive but it's so handy to have in your pocket and makes it worth the price. I have the double USB version and it was £22, in hindsight I probably should have got the single port. They also do a 2.4 amp version and this is the equivalent of an iPad charger. The market really does, I've only seen one alternative and it's still bulky.
I would also have to factor in shipping to the US, which is extensive. The only way to get that Mu via Amazon is in a $50 three-pack, bundled with UK and EU chargers. Seems really handy for those who hop between all three areas, but useless to me.
We share similar methodologies when choosing what items to have for our EDC. We even have almost identical set ups with completely different products. Fascinating! There are even a couple of things that you do that I used to do to until I found something that better fit my needs. We should connect on the forums.