Just one of.

Working, studying and spending time after those first two i need flexibility in my EDC especially when traveling through town by public tr. / bike. Depends on a situation I change some parts of it as I don' t always need all but the core is always the same. Waiter with my keys due to its classic design, straight purpose and size. Wittchen wallet cause it's my favorite and most practical gift. Lighter (used to have nice black, engraved zippo but it's gone. I still miss it very much). Phone with case always on and watch(es). I got several and change according to situation. Here is more official but still casual Doxa quartz watch.
Now rest of my EDC that rotates. I love using fountain pens but sometimes hard conditions stop me from taking it with myself. Here's Parker Rialto with nice leopard painting which i carry pretty often.
Huntsman I love. It's so useful. I carry it almost all the time but due to it's thickness I have to leave it at home.
And last but definitely not least Spyderco Persistence. New to me. Freshly bought but very nice and even more handy than Huntsman.
Here's my EDC. Hope You enjoy it at least half as much as I do.

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