My Everyday Carry

Lake Charles, LA
This is my daily carry in and out of the office. No matter where I go, my EDC is with me.

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It got autocorrected. Should have said; I've got to know how and why you carry 3 multitools and 3 fixed blades on you. And I forgot holster or said pistol and sheath for said fixed blade. So 13 simple EDC items. I also carry a bag but it isn't always on or with me so it and it's content are void from EDC criteria.
I've got to know how and why you carry 3 nutritional and 3 fixed blades on you. To me EDC means what's on you (belt and pockets) not what one carries in a bag or car that isn't right there exactly when you need it. Not being rude, but so many people show so much stuff i.e. plate carries and rifles etc... that isn't EDC unless you're in Afghanistan. I carry a pistol, pen and field notes, light, small fixed blade, slipjoint, handkerchief, thumb drive, frame lock, wallet, and a silver dollar. 11 simple small items that are always on me (except in bed, then directly beside me. But anywho, how do you carry these?