Quiet Carry Mini Q Key Organizer


Finding a good way to carry your keys isn’t easy. More often than not, many EDCers simply end up dangling theirs from a carabiner (sometimes alongside a keychain knife). The Ti Mini Q takes a minimalist approach to key organization while incorporating features usually found on multi-tools.

For example, it comes with a built-in 2.35” interchangeable blade. You can configure a traditional plain edge drop point blade, or get one with a built in bottle opener. If you don't want to carry a locking sharp edge, you can configure the Mini Q with a versatile flathead/bottle opener option instead.

We’ve mentioned before that titanium is a great material for EDC because of its durability and light weight, and the Mini Q's grade 5 titanium scales securely store up to 8 of your keys without taking up a lot of space or weighing you down. The ergonomic design also allows for easy one-handed usage thanks to strategically placed cutouts in the body.

And while many key organizers don’t take into account bulky car keys and remotes, the Mini Q offers a clever workaround with the included smartloop that you can attach them to. For a polished solution to the ever-persistent keychain problem, pick up the Ti Mini Q by clicking on the link below. (Also available on quietcarry.com)

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Stack Social has one for $55. https://stacksocial.com/?rid=2501377
Rey, quick fix..I had the same issue at first. It was caused by putting mine together and taking it apart a few times before I got my keys in the correct position. The coating on screw wore off. I put one drop of "Loctite blue 242" and now it's snug and secure. Been using if for months now no issues. Very happy with it.
The price is ending soon at Touch of Modern for this bead blasted Titanium: $49.99 + $8 shipping within USA... Refer to a friend and get $20 after the item is shipped. Hurry up!
Pros: Machine cut & material is almost perfect and so beautiful Titanium - BRUSHED. Quality is top. It's OK if you have 4 keys. The clip with new version is much better in compare with the company website.
Cons: Heavy, become more bulky and more heavy if you have more than 4 keys. The edges should be sanded ( a little sharp - You can do it yourself with a fine sand paper).
Suggestion: It will be perfect if the Quiet Carry Co. to make it smaller / 3/4 inch shorter like the second product they made for the knife - BANDIT, and the keys still can be opened easily. I wished the length should be decreased 3/4 inch and overall size is smaller of course...Hope you will like it!
I have this, and like the compact and stylish design.
However it has the same flaw that all the key organizers I've tried suffer from:
The screws holding the keys and the two pieces of the body in place become
loose and need tightening on a regular basis.
Tried to buy from amazon again but won't ship to New Zealand.......