The Dynamic Duo

Los Angeles, CA
I call this the Dynamic Duo because these two tools sit at opposite ends of the price spectrum but exudes quality and impeccable craftsmanship. The venerable SKX007 is a time-tested dive watch that's at home in the deep blue as it is in a high-rise. The Spartan Blades Akribis represents the workmanship and ingenuity of the American economic engine. It combines the finest materials from the consistent carbon fiber to the double deep cryogenically treated S35vn blade paired with ZrN coated titanium handles and asks to be worked into oblivion. Owned by two military veterans that provide the utmost excellent customer service, what is not to like?

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Hahahahahahahaha! You're officially my first response to my first ever post on this site and it's utterly fitting :)
I second Bernard's comment. Very nice combo.
Thanks Justin!