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Miami Beach, FL
These are the essentials that I use everyday. I have a My Passport to hold all my code backups. The Bluebuds are great for exercise, so I don't have to carry my phone with me when I go running. The Audio Technicas are great for listening to music while I work.

The LG Performance mouse is one of the best I've used. Various tools used for opening packages and taking apart my computer when I need to do repairs. The Yubikey is my favorite alternative to a password.

I love the big screen on my iPhone, it took some getting used to but it's great for virtual reality games. The Portable Multi Drive is necessary because I keep a copy of Ubuntu Live on a DVD and some computers no longer have drives.

The Moleskine Daily Planner is great for keeping track of my todo and helps keep me organized. The Pilot Metropolitan writes smooth and is cost-effective.

<b>Lastly I carry a bunch of dog waste bags for all the crap I have to deal with - you never know what life's gonna throw your way.</b>

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