My Level I EDC

Portland, OR
My Mantra: "Keys, Cash, Wallet, Sunglasses" - I've been saying this either out loud or to myself before I leave the house for more than 25 years - long before I carried a cell phone. It's not about saying each thing that I don't want to forget, but taking a moment so that I don't forget the things I need. These days I use a bowl by the front door as a valet tray for the true EDC. There's also an EDC backpack & EDC gym-bag right next to the bowl.

Keys: 2006 Toyota Sienna + houses + Gerber Clutch Multi Tool
Cash/Wallet: Slim Bi-Fold Leather Generic Wallet
Sunglasses: Ray Ban 4075 w/ Polarized Glass Lens
Knife: Kershaw 1555Ti
Watch: Hamilton Jazzmaster automatic Chrono (H021530)
Wedding Band: Generic Platinum
Phone: iPhone 6S Plus
Earbuds: Panasonic Generic

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