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I've been an EDC-er for a few years now and I've gone through various gear from budget friendly CRKTs to Chris Reeve Knives and in my journey to discover the "perfect" gear I did what everyone else does...watch countless Youtube reviews, read an unhealthy amount of Blade Forum articles, talk with owners, the whole nine yards. I realized that the endeavor to find the "perfect" knife was to be an endless pursuit.

For me Chris Reeve Knives are the epitome of quality and perfection. Yes, there are custom knives that take "perfection" to a whole different level. But for me, CRKs are perfect because you don't have to pay an arm and a leg and they perform exquisitely.

So when I began to look into Spartan Blades, specifically the Akribis, there was very little reviews and mixed reviews at that. The only consistent thing I kept hearing was how amazing their customer service was and what great folks the owners were. So after doing my research, I decided...not to pull the trigger. This was a year ago.

Today, I'm a proud owner of a Spartan Blades tool. Why did it take me a year to finally get a Spartan Blades? Well, aside from the mixed reviews, I was still very much a CRK guy so I went down that road. But the Akribis was still on my wish list day after day. I couldn't take it off because it just kept speaking to me. After getting this knife, now I understand.

First off, the reason why there are so little reviews compared to say..CRKs, Benchmade, Spydercos, is because the community of Spartan Blade users and owners are not the tech savvy hipster types who sit in the office all day. They tend to be avid outdoorsmen, military, adventurers who love quality tools and use them hard. From what I can tell, they don't really have time to find an ideal picture perfect location, nicely arrange their gear, take out their DSLR or iPhone and snap a picture, then edit it and then put it on their Instagram or Facebook. They just love the adventure of life and buy Spartan Blades to accompany them.

Also I discovered that it's a pretty tight knit group that adds to the exclusivity of owning their products. The owners directly engage and talk with the end users and constantly look for feedback. Their customer service is second to none.

Lastly, the reason why I got the Akribis is because it speaks to me. It's nowhere near a perfect knife, but it carries its own soul. And I've arrived at a place in my EDC journey where I'm no longer looking for the "perfect" knife, but a knife that speaks to me. And the allure of a gear that speaks to you is that no matter what others say (good or bad), at the end of the day that gear is yours to enjoy and be proud of owning.

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