My (Current) Balisong Collection

White Bear Lake, Minnesota
Not really an EDC, but I figured this would be a good place to show off my Balisong collection. Many of these knives are hard to come by, but I included links to all that are still available to be purchased new online (make sure you know your local laws before you buy any but the trainer). From left to right, starting with my favorite (and most expensive) knife I own, a premium BRS Replicant, Black with Gold anodizing. I think you can still find the regular Reps online. Next is both the Bear Ops B200 and the Trainer version of the same knife. it's a decent starter balisong, and a collaboration between BRS and Bear and Son. It flips well but has some quality control issues. Next are 2 BladeHQ limited edition Benchmade 51 Morphos. One I flip and the other is for collecting. I love the color of the g10 handle scales, and the stonewashed blade looks very nice. The first of the 2 I got was both my first nice balisong, and my first knife over $100. I got it after I broke my first bali which I'll explain when I get to it. Up next is the Benchmade 67. Not the best flipper, but it has probably my favorite grind on any knife. I love recurve tantos. Next is a Bradley Kimura XI. Its discontinued now unfortunately. The blackwash is really well done. Next is a special knife of mine, my first balisong I ever owned. I learned to flip on it, and being new to flipping at the time, dropped it a few times causing it to break. After that happened (it was years after I got it) I saved up and bought one of the the 51s in the picture. I couldn't tell you the kind of knife it is, but its from the 80's and will never leave my collection. And lastly, A Pacific Cutlery Corp PC-10. Another knife from the 80's. Made by PCC, which would later become Benchmade. This was made back when Benchmade (PCC) would only make Balisongs. It's a cool history piece more than anything. And that's the lot. Balisongs might not be the most practical type of knives out there, but they are my favorite nonetheless. There's not many on this site, so I figured I'd share mine. I hope I sparked some interest in a few people and would love more people to get into the hobby of flipping.

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