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Los Angeles, CA
How do you store your everyday carry gear? Being a long-time EDC-er, I never really gave it much thought regarding this topic. Even now I have a small cardboard box (from a package) that I cut off the top flaps and use as my "storage. It's not really organized. I just throw all my knives and related maintenance tools into this clutterbox. This leads to the knives scratching and marking each other as it bumps around together as one happy family. And the box just sits on top of my bedside dresser, out in the open.

But in my EDC journey, I've come to recognize the usefulness and practicality of having a designated storage area that not only keeps my gear in good condition, but keeps it organized and discreet.

So I've started with another clutterbox, but it's an upgrade from the cardboard box. This wooden box is a bit classier, a bit more discreet and doubles as a decorative coffee table doodad.

Eventually, I'll invest in the Spyder Pack and feel like Batman gearing up for adventure. Venture on my fellow EDCers!

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