The Moleskine Legacy

Los Angeles, CA
What can be said about Moleskine journals that hasn't already been said? It encapsulates history, durability, refinement, world explorer, an everyday practical tool to record and memorialize the mundane and extraordinary events of life.

The one pictured is the classic pocket-sized edition that I find is my perfect everyday carry. The lined papers are bounded by a black durable leather and in the back inside cover is a pocket to store letters, money, maps, anything that'll lay flat. It's been my travel companion for many moons and never failed to provide its blank space for my writing pleasure.

While I love my pocketknives and multitools, it is my journal that provides the most use and utility because thoughts, ideas, random spurts of the lightbulb moments seem to occur more than the war against cardboard armies and mail vagabonds.

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I love your summary! If I had your choice of words, I would start to write a book/blog ASAP