Minimal EDC

San Diego, CA
A very minimal EDC kit, stripped down to just the essentials for a dressier day.

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Hi Kevin, thanks for the compliments! My wife and I actually founded, design and make Friday & River goods, and I just happen to be an edc fanatic. So my personal opinion is a bit biased since I design leather goods that I'd like to use or solve a problem I'm having. If you have any questions feel free to hit me up directly!
Thank you for the reply, Friday! Wow, that's really neat! Hahaha, still you are the first one to ask, even if your opinion is a bit biased :) I'll let you know, if I got some questions, thanks for the offer!
Sure thing, any time!
Thank's for introducing me to another company that sells leather-goods! I am going to be a poor man pretty soon =) Cheers

edit: How do you like your 'Friday & River' products? I just visited the website and I gotta say, they've got 3-4 items I'd like to get; like ASAP
**forgot to hit 'reply' to your comment so I answered above**