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Los Angeles, CA
When I got this knife in hand, the first thought was how small it felt, how light it was in my hand. And to be honest, I didn't like it...at first. I appreciate the heft of a knife. I like the way it makes me feel like I'm holding a substantial tool that can handle anything I throw at it. This knife felt...underwhelming. Until I started to carry it, use it and put it through the paces.

I've come to appreciate this knife for its "underwhelming" size. It provides so much control and ability to manipulate the blade from carving wood to slicing tomatoes and apples. Its strength lies in its versatility that punches well above its diminutive size.

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I notice most people on here carry the Small model, but I really love the Large I own. It's more in line with what I'd call a "standard" sized folder, and fits the hand better during use. Can't go wrong with either, but prospective buyers shouldn't let the name turn them away. It's pretty consistent with most manufacturers' medium-sized offerings.
Thanks for your thoughts James! I've owned the large 21 in the past and absolutely loved it. I loved how it felt more substantial in hand compared to the small. Actually when I first got this one, I almost sold it because it felt so small. But after using it for a few months it's become a mainstay in my EDC rotation. Can't go wrong with either one :)
Sebenza’s are definitely in a league of their own! I love their design and the sense of quality when you hold one. Unfortunately, I don’t own one myself, mainly due to the price tag, but I suppose this also adds to the feeling of exclusivity of the product. Personally, I would also go for the small Sebenza, if I should decide to pull the trigger on one. Thanks for sharing your experience
No problem Huusman, it's definitely an amazing company and love all the details the man has thought out in designing this knife. I've had the large 21 and currently have the 25 and loved them both, but I've come to appreciate the small sebenza for its ease of manipulating the blade for various cutting tasks. The small-ness of it is its greatest strength as it's light, easy to use and enough blade to do whatever needs to be done.