Casual Weekend Carry

Usually what I have in my pockets on the weekend.

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Now I know what begleri are!
I can't believe there's a begleri I in this EDC.
What can I say? It relaxes me. Same with the top. Great when you're waiting for something.
As you can tell by the name I'm Greek. Has this Begleri phenomenon been going on long with american EDC's? I guess the better question is when did you first hear about a begleri and what part of the country are you from?
I'm from Colorado and a found it on Etsy. Not sure where I heard about Begleri but when I did I Googled it and read how to flip.
I heard about them from YouTube videos and EDC forums and have wanted one since.
They're great for sitting on hold ;) It's fun thing to have with you and is a nice alternative to tech devices when you're bored. I plan to take mine camping this summer as well.