Great everyday carry in case the SHTF. What else would an Editor/Publisher for Prepper & Shooter Magazine carry?

The Icom R-5 also receives AM, FM, CB, and aircraft. This is the same Px4 Sub-Compact that I used (marketing & demos) when I was Pistol Marketing & Product Manager, Tactical Product Manager, and International Sales Manager for Beretta (over 7 1/2 years). Probably over 10,000 rounds fired and the pistol runs fantastic! I can consistently hit 1 gallon water jugs at 50 yards - not bad for a 9mm with only a 3" barrel so its a great sub-compact pistol to have when you can't carry a carbine or rifle especially since it accepts all large capacity double stacked Px4 magazines. I have three Leatherman multi-tools and the SideClip is my favorite - got it almost 20 years ago and sad to say that they discontinued it. If you are concerned about radiation leaks from a power plant, terrorism, nuclear material transport spill, or nuclear fallout from a military attack, the Nuk-Alert is a great device to have in your pocket which not only alerts but lets you know the level of radiation. The pocket backpack by KIVA is great for when you need to grab supplies that won't fit on your pockets - it expands and wears like a backpack. The InsIght X2 is a great quality light/laser - had mine for almost nine years and I doubt that the cheap copies would have held up that long. The Citizen Eco Drive stainless steel watch (not shown) never needs batteries or winding as it gathers light via the "hidden" solar panel which makes up the watch face. Lastly, I will say that I really like Camillus knives.

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