Attorney (age 42)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is my Car's EDC. Now before you close the page grumbling about how this submission is an abomination, hear me out. The whole concept of the EDC is predicated on the idea of having items that you carry everyday to ensure that the emergencies you could experience are mitigated. This pack that I store in my car meets that understanding of EDC in every way! This pack is never our of my car (except for a few hours every four months to charge the battery) and these items are each designed to get me through a possible emergency that could arise. Furthermore, this pack is about 80% of my typical personal EDC, so if I forget it, (and let's be honest, we all have done that more often then we would like to admit) I can use this instead of having to head back home or feel naked all day!

The battery, cable, charger all ensure that I can keep my phone going strong all day long regardless of the circumstance. The Capsule I include to have some emergency money on hand should I flake and forget my wallet. I used to keep the capsule on my key chain, but too many times either the money or the capsule disappeared; so now I keep it in the pack were it is discreet enough to prevent the valet from giving himself an undeserved tip! The RUT gives me both a multi-tool and a blade should either come in handy and the Flashlight and Pressure Gage are for obvious reasons. All in all, I think that carrying this back up EDC bag in my car has made all the sense in the world. It has gotten me out of a number of jams and doesn't force me to carry extra stuff on me all the time that are specific to being in a vehicle. I even pull the pack out of my car when I travel so that I can throw it into my rental car!

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