IT and Class EDC

What I carry when attending classes and working for IT at my university.

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Good looking book! Glad to see it's getting some heavy use for you
I absolutely LOVE your products! This is my third notebook from you, and I am on to my third ink capsule in the pen. You have made a very loyal customer out of me. I also use your printer paper for data sheets when I am working in the field, and that stuff works flawlessly! Plus, I am the only biologist in my area known by my "signature" blue ink from the Rite in the Rain pen! Your consistency and overall quality make me very happy, and I have been spreading the name as much as possible! I even threw, sadly, the only sticker of yours that I have on my truck, I occasionally get asked about it, and all I have to say is great things!
Wow Craig, that's outstanding. Awfully proud to hear that our stuff has held up so well for ya. Email social@riteintherain.com if you ever need anything
Will do! (he says as he writes down the email in his RITR Memo Book with his RITR pen)