My Zen EDC

1) Allen & Bradley black chromexcel 2 pocket and cash strap minimalist wallet

2) Benchmade 940-1 Osborne W/ 810 Osborne Contego deep carry clip

3) Peak LED Solutions Eiger Ultra X W/ stainless steel keychain body, cool white LED, and narrow optic - Flashlight is highly customizable, runs on a single Ultrafire 3.6v 10440 Li-ion battery and is capable of 425+ lumens

4) DIY Honda switchblade key fob

5) LG V10 W/ Obliq Flex Pro case and Pleson tempered glass screen protector

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How many credit cards the wallet can hold? What are the dimensions and thickness of the wallet when it is fully loaded? Thanks.
Quite a lot. Mine carries 5 daily. Dimensions are 4-1/4" in length and 2-5/8" in width. Thickness will vary and I've never fully loaded it but review below pegs it at 0.8" fully loaded.


Allen & Bradley have a YouTube channel. This video should give you an idea of how many cards you can expect to carry fully loaded
Thanks a lot !
hey, what kind of screen protector do you have on the V10?
never mind.....I read back over and saw the brand.