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Attorney (age 42)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
This is my Work EDC. Whenever I have to travel for my job, be it to a deposition, appear before a judge or simply hit the office this is what I carry with me. Everything goes in my ancient leather Coach Messenger Bag with room to spare for whatever papers or files that I need that day. As always, I carry a Power Pac (the pouch, cable, battery and power adapter) with me to be sure that I can keep my phone going strong all day long. As a conversation starter, and also to remind me that no matter how bad my work day is going it beats getting shot at or blown up, I carry the Challenge Coin I gave out to my platoon after our tour in Iraq ended. (And of course, and I bet my military brothers and sisters will agree, better safe than sorry; you never know when you might run into a former unit mate!) Along the military theme, I am always packing the Boker Bolt Action Pen. When you start getting old like me, you begin to reminisce about the good ole days and the pen definitely reminds me of when my days were a little more action packed. I could not being to count the times that I got the stink eye from the bailiff for absentmindedly clicking away while waiting my turn to go before the judge. The latest addition to my EDC has been the Lux Pro LP130. It is an awesome little light and I cannot begin to shout its praises loud enough! It is rugged, tiny and surprisingly powerful at 60 lumens. However, the best feature is that the light has the cool feature of focusing the LED to allow for either spot or flood light. Surprisingly, the light can be purchased for less than seven dollars! I recommend that everyone go out and grab one for their EDC before the manufacture realizes that they are giving this little gem away.

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