Second Iteration

Film Producer (age 31)
I've updated my carry since my last submission with some notable improvements. I have removed plenty of bulk from my keys by implementing the Orbitkey, in Tan leather. To go along with the slim leather wallet, I decided to adorn my phone in a thin layer of leather; it looks great without adding any unnecessary bloat.

In my last carry, I started realizing what I value about the things I take with me every day. This time around, I have started to refine those tools to make my life easier and look a little better at the same time. Whether it's film or fine goods, it's all about the grain.

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Odin's eyes...is that FILM?!? That's great, you just don't see a real SLR these days.
No you don't do you J.S. I just sold a Cannon AE1 Program that was barely used for $50. Everything is digital or cell phone camera these days!
Ah, a K1000 :) I have the minolta version, an SRT 101 and I EDC a Yashica Electro 35 GSN, usually with Tri-X 400 too!
I coworker gave it to me last summer since he didn't have a use for it. I liked it so much, I bought one for my lady as well. Nothing beats Tri-X for B+W!