Two Week Hitch EDC Dump

Tankerman (age 37)
Shallotte, NC
New items. Very impressed by the Streamlight Nano's brightness. It surprised me. For any fellow Mariners, the Maxam knife is highly affordable and has a slew of attachments that are useful in the Marine Industry. Doterra's key ring EO kit is large enough to last the two weeks, but small enough to get through TSA. It's working perfectly.

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My wife surprised me with the EO kit! Got it today and it's super sweet. Much smaller than I thought and I love it. Will be perfect for trips. Thanks for posting it!
Absolutely. I love this site for that very reason!
They should make an app.
She also got me this EO diffuser for the car, or anywhere really. Tried it this morning and it's fantastic.

That doTerra EO kit is amazing! I sent the link to my wife and I'm pretty sure we going to buy one. What do you use it for or for when? How do you like that USB diffuser? I own this one below and I'm tired of having to put drops on paper pads. It doesn't last long andwould be nice to have a liquid refill.

Oh man. There's endless ways. Diffusion for aromatherapy, managing my eczema, disinfectant for cuts, etc etc. I've treated kids with lice and dogs fleas, removed warts from stepdaughter, treat wife's motion sickness. The uses have been astounding. I could keep going! The more I think the more uses I remember. It's expensive, but a much better alternative to modern medicine. Thanks for asking.
Oh yeah, I'm all about it. Trust me! Hahaha. I meant more like do you bring that kit on the road or during trips? My wife and I just bring the whole bottle but we have a couple, like peppermint, in a roller capped bottle and the heavy use ones,like copal and lavender, in a smaller dropper.
Oh, okay. This is just my work carry. I work two weeks on, and then two weeks off. The one in my other post has the full size bottles and was more difficult with TSA. At home we have a huge wall shelf full of oils, like a 100 bottles. It's insane. Haha.
The USB is great. It has a small vial that goes inside. I've only done pure oils in it and it holds roughly 20 drops of oil. I want to see if I can dilute with water, but idk yet.
How long have you had it? The reviews aren't stellar for most USB diffusers.
I've had it about three months and it's performed very well. It can really go through some oil, which is why I'd like to dilute.