My Everyday Carry

Batangas City, Philippines

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Ridiculous! I love the collection! DOPE!
Dude great carry, not the usual pieces from around here! Where'd you pick up the Irish Setter boots? I haven't seen anything related to Red Wing other than what's available in General.
I have so pair of red wing iron rangers and wolverine 1000 mile boots. Both are awesome boots. Very exspensive, but will last a lifetime.
Thanks man. I got it from a US-based online seller that carries work boots. Try using the keyword "moc-toe" or "wedge" when searching to see more work boots similar to this design. This one really feels solid with all that leather and heavy stitching. Quite pricey if you'll ask me, but you get what you pay for.. Impressive quality. The ones from Thorogood and Wolverine looks awesome too!
Ah cool, I thought you bought them here in Manila. I'm well familiar with the work shoe brands, just didn't want the extra hassle/cost of shipping. :P
Yeah. It's the customs duties and shipping costs that hurts a lot. Almost the same cost as the shoes itself.
So much awesome in this EDC. First off, we have very similar taste. I have the SAME boots, a Magpul case as well as the Hudson Design 'Archer Actual.' The guys at HD&MFG are good buddies of mine. Fantastic carry!
Thanks. Good to know. That's awesome. I agree, the comb rocks! Cheers!
That's an amazing carry dude! I love it all, but I especially dig the WO Zippo and the bubinga Opinel!
What kind of comb is that? i gotta have it
It's from Hudson Design and Manufacturing. Archer Actual.. Very solid comb.
Oops....Handgrey H3.....mixed up my bling...
That cool Hangkey H3, always stands out for me. Nice carry.
your phone, pen, and light combo look so well together. So satisfying to look at, you're giving me ideas
Great carry. Dig'n the Candiru and KSF Sheath.