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Los Angeles, CA
If I had to be very honest with myself I don't need a big blade for my EDC tasks. Anything more than 3" tends to be more than enough for everything I've ever faced, whether indoors or outdoors. With that said, the small Sebenza 21 micarta is my all-time favorite small carry knife. It affords just enough blade to do what needs to be done, easy to manipulate in hand for a variety of grips and cuts and the micarta affords a fuller feel in hand. Also, the small size allows it to sit very comfortably in pocket. With that said, the EDC hobby isn’t so much about practicality as it is about the passion to discover and use amazing tools. So that’s why even though this may be my “perfect” EDC knife, I have bigger knives in the collection that I routinely carry and use.

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Beautiful, just beautiful. Chris makes works of art that are functional. Use her well and often.
Thanks J.S.! Most definitely agree with you. It's a perfect blend of beauty and utility!