My everyday essentials

Community Behavioral Health Technician (age 26)
Gilbert, Arizona
I'm a folk singer-songwriter from Phoenix, AZ. I didn't even realize my EDC until my brother-in-law pointed it out to me. I've just always taken pride in the things I have on me because I think what a person carries around with them is a reflection of who they are. Some key items are the harmonica, or "carmonica." I do a lot of driving for my day job as a social worker and it's nice to take a harmonica break while stuck in traffic. The belt buckle belonged to my grandpa who is a hero of mine. He was from Brooklyn and always dreamed of being a cowboy and one day he moved to Arizona and fulfilled that dream. It reminds me to never let go of dreams - they're nice to have around. The pocket knife is from Romania and the fork comes in handy more than you'd expect! Finally, the oars are a logo from our latest album release. On this release, I was joined by my close friends and family and it makes me happy when I see them. Life can be hard, we should always keep things (and people) close that make us happy.

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