My Standard EDC

West Virginia
This is my standard EDC. It won't change up much from these essential items that I carry with me daily. The notebook carries 3 field notes inside, each with notes on current construction projects. I'm never without a pen with my Fisher space pen, small compact, and stands up to an everyday beating. I use my Streamlight microstream all the time as I check under foundations or walking through an old warehouse. And my newest addition to my pocket knife rotation is the Kershaw Ember, I've simply fallen in love with its small size and functionality. Sure bigger knives are cool, but when you are always on the move, the smaller size cuts down on bulkiness, as well as being easily hidden in pockets when you have to put on a tie instead of your normal every day wear as a contractor. The "brown bag hank", is one item I didn't know I needed until I bought it. I now know why all the "old timers" always carried a handkerchief, and this one is top quality! With plenty of designs and styles to choose from. The only other EDC item not pictured is my Galaxy Note 4, which is, of course, being used to take the photograph!

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Very nice. The ZLYC is grand. I really do like and appreciate an item as such.