Hardline: black and grey

This is my EDC for urban life in Hong Kong. Essential tools, fire and note taking - being a consultant there's always notes and ideas to be drawn and explained. While I use a range of bags - this is definitely my favourite.

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Very nice EDC. I really like your Anso V3.
Wow....awesome carry. No joke, but I own five items you posted; love the black and grey feel.
Really! Which ones?
Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen, Kershaw Cryo II, Beta-QR, Field Notes Pitch Black Edition, and the Zippo Brushed Chrome Lighter w/ Slashes.
Nice bag, considering ditching my backpack now... tastefully curated EDC!
Thanks so much! Yeah I can fit an 11" MBA in too!
Nice. I have the full-sized Defy Recon, which is pretty roomy, but the Recon Mini looks the perfect size for a more compact carry. They're bomb proof.
Sure is! Great day bag that fits a tablet, but not a laptop, but that's what my brief case is for.