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I've always liked being prepared for every-day life but didn't know about EDC as a concept until just a few months ago, and then through this website. Great to see there are other people out there just as crazy as me, ha. I like making my own stuff, as you can tell. I realize it kinda goes against the whole idea of this website, not being able to link to a place to buy the item(s)....still, figured (/hoped) some of you might enjoy having a look anyway.

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Great looking stuff, Patrik. I do leatherwork too. Would like to see closeups and details of your edc holdall.
Hi George! I really appreciate that - thanks!

Leather is great, ain't it! I do leather work only as a hobby, but enjoying it very much. Love it when you're done, and you feel that this thing you made by yourself, whatever it is, will accompany you for many years to come and will only look better with time and get more character.

There's not much to see inside the holdall, it's just one "big" compartment. Still, I've uploaded some additional pics in the forum, under the thread "Hand sewn leather" ( http://forum.everydaycarry.com/index.php/topic/197-hand-sewn-leather/page-2#entry24713 ). Figured there'd be other people there, enjoying looking at my work and getting new ideas, like I myself did with theirs.

Have a good day and thanks again for the compliment. /P