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Upstate NY
This is what I carry (or some for of it) 99% of the time when not at work. This is all on person, it does not include keys or bag. It also does not include my tungsten carbide wedding band, that's on 24/7.

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Hey Noah, nice carry, thanks for sharing. I know you said that this all goes on your person, I'm curious, do you generally carry the bottle in your hand and have you ever boiled water in it? Thanks.
Thank you for the kind words! I did kind of leave that open ended on the water bottle. Technically speaking if I'm going to be in a situation where I'm doing a lot of moving, I probably have my pack on me and the bottle rides in that. If I don't have that then I do carry it in hand or at least have it within reach. And I have never boiled water in it, although it definitely keeps my (already hot) morning coffee hot for hours, and warm for a full work day if need be.
Nice carry. Love my Hydroflask 21oz, the perfect dive and bottle.